We offer advice, guidance and the support you need to take swift and appropriate action fairly and within the bounds of labour law…

It is important for you to identify the type of work that your employees have to do, as well as the manner in which…

We offer a wide range of Skills Development support – from identifying your relevant SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority)…

HR & Business Consulting in Durban

Gavin Buys HR & Business Consulting is a dynamic consulting firm specialising in working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses like yours. We’re well qualified to do this. We too are entrepreneurs so we know what it’s like to run and grow a business; we know what you face; and what you need.

We’re not here to apply theories. Yes, we will help you with your thinking and strategy, but we will also roll up our sleeves and get stuck into doing the practical implementation stuff too. You don’t want clever ideas and documents sitting on shelves – you need action happening in your business and driving your future today.

We can help you to do just that by empowering your people; designing and implementing SOLID processes; and giving you the power to create your ideal future, hence our slogan PEOPLE. PROCESS. PROFIT.

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